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How HealthSmart Can help You and Your Family get Well and Stay Well

You now have access to a new paradigm in healthcare and are one step closer to providing
your body with the care it needs to manifest your best health potential.


If you are suffering with pain and want to feel better or are seeking the best technology to maximize sustainable health, choose HealthSmart — one of the premier centers providing NUCCA spinal care. For over 30 years Dr. Marshall Dickholtz, certified NUCCA professional, has been the right choice for thousands of individuals and families seeking to restore their optimum health. Dr. Dickholtz has been featured on Good Morning America, Discovery Health Channel, and ABC's Health Beat with Sylvia Perez.

Our intention is to correct what others have missed and treat what others can't.

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The unique form of health care provided is critical to your wellbeing and goes beyond just making your pain disappear.
It is about accurately correcting interference between your brain and your body for the ultimate expression of your life's 
vital healing energy.

This vital energy, inborn and naturally available for your body to operate correctly and effectively,
 can be restricted by a small but specific spinal misalignment.

This spinal misalignment is called the
 C-1 or Atlas Subluxation Complex (ASC). Use of the NUCCA technique requires special training and specialized equipment to address the ASC appropriately in order to meet a patient’s specific needs.

Often patients are unaware that they are suffering with this condition and seek help from many different physicians only to have the underlying cause of their trouble go undiagnosed and untreated. 


The Atlas misalignment impacts the experience of our own vital energy and quality of life. Research continues to be published and news about this work spreads. More people are finding out that structural balance and proper nerve function are essential elements of healing, health, and the quality of one’s life. These people know that being balanced can create better health and even prevent illness from developing. And finally they understand that providing your body with what it needs to get well and stay well is a more effective and less expensive form of health care.

Dr. Marshall Dickholtz, Jr. and Dr. Daiki Ishiyama are one of only 24 Board Certified NUCCA doctors in worldwide.
 HealthSmart offers a safe and technically advanced method of health care in a friendly, caring, and healing environment. We are pleased to have helped so many people. While every person is unique, the odds are that some of our patients have suffered with conditions similar to yours. Many of our patients have traveled from different states and countries. We strive to make our health care plan less time consuming and more effective while achieving the results you deserve.



Patients’ conditions that have been positively improved include:

• Neck and Back Pain 
• Headaches and Migraines 
• Chronic Pain and Stress 
• Leg and Arm Numbness or Pain 
• Carpal Tunnel 
• High Blood Pressure
• Sinus and Allergy Problems 
• Scoliosis 
• Herniated Discs 
• Arthritic Symptoms 
• Seizures 
• Childhood Health Concerns 

• Attention Deficit Disorder, ADD or ADHD 
• Auto and Athletic Injuries 
• Bed Wetting 
• Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis 
• Concentration Problems 
• Depressed Immunity 
• Loss of Vitality

Patients report many secondary benefits associated with their improved health!

• Less Stress
• Clearer and Brighter Vision
• Deeper, More Restful Sleep
• Stronger Immunity
• Optimum Athletic Performance
• More Energy or Vitality
• Balanced Hormonal Function, Less Cramping
• Reversals of Arthritic Spurs or Degeneration
• Increased Circulation
• Fuller Breathing
• Better Balance


As you read these lists of results and benefits of NUCCA care, you can come to the conclusion that everyone should be checked for the ASC spinal misalignment. The reality is that most people do suffer from the effects of the C-1 /Atlas misalignment. It results from common falls or accidents resulting in mild whiplash type injuries, often originating during childhood. This unchecked structural misalignment starting in the neck impacts the whole body alignment. This spinal imbalance, which further limits and restricts your natural healing capacity, is epidemic in our society. Any health care plan that does not include the proper structural evaluation of this vital area, checking for normal nerve function, may leave the body in a state of degenerative ill health.



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