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Northbrook Chiropractor, Chiropractor in Northbrook, IL


What To Expect

What to Expect On Your First and Second Visit


Our goal is to serve your healthcare needs in the best way possible.

Here are the typical procedures when you arrive at our office:

·  Complete a health history form or bring with you a completed form available on our website www.nuccacare.com. 

·  Meet with the doctor for your personalized consultation which includes a review of your health history, neurological examination and postural evaluation. 

If you are a candidate for care:

·  We will take NUCCA specific pre-correction x-rays

·  Perform a Digital postural evaluation

·  Perform a Paraspinal Thermography Scan

·  Perform a EMG Scan (Surface Electromyography)

·  Measure Spinal range-of-motion (ROM) measurements

·  Measure Sensitivity of paraspinal tissues measurements (Algometry)

·  Pulse Rate Profile / Heart Rate Variability

·  Schedule a second visit for examination findings and 1st adjustment

You should allow approximately 1½ hours for your first visit. 


What to Expect on Your Second Visit


·  A doctor will sit down with you to go over your x-rays and exam results to identify any problem areas, and ensure that you completely understand the findings.

·  The doctor will recommend a treatment plan based off your scans, x-rays and all of the assessments. (Each individual’s care plan is designed for his or her specific health concerns.)

·  You will receive instructions explaining how to best protect and maintain your new correction.

·  The doctor will perform your first upper cervical adjustment.

·  We will take a second set of x-rays which will allow us to evaluate your spinal correction.  Typically, the x-ray data obtained after your first spinal adjustment satisfies any further need for x-ray reevaluation for several months to several years.

You can feel safe knowing your NUCCA upper cervical correction is determined from specific x-ray measurement.  The correction is done with a gentle touch to the neck. There is no twisting, popping, or cracking of the spine. Patients simply lay on their right or left side on the adjusting table. By gently contacting the side of your neck, the doctor will direct your head and neck back toward a healthy, balanced position. The adjustment is followed by another Anatometer Postural Analysis and supine leg check.

You should allow approximately 1½ hours for your second visit.   


All of our patients pay by cash, check, or credit card (Visa/MasterCard/Discover) at the time of service. Our staff, who are trained in insurance practices, will send information about your care to your insurance company for reimbursement.   Insurance coverage for chiropractic care varies, so speak with your employer or insurance carrier if you have any questions.


If you are on Medicare, HealthSmart will submit your charges to Medicare for you. There are many aspects of care that Medicare will not reimburse or cover.


* The Insight Subluxation Station is an effective testing procedure that can document physiological abnormalities and changes. Their video statements of being both NASA and FDA certified have not been substantiated by this office nor are thoes statements endorsed by HealthSmart.

Your fist visit to our chiropractic office may include a physical examination as well as x-rays. Dr. Marshall Dickholtz is located in Northbrook, IL.