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Hawaiian Lomi Lomi ‘Ka’


Lomi Lomi is Hawaii’s manual medicine. It is a style of massage that functions to support the whole person; mind, body, spirit. An immediate short term goal of Lomi Lomi is to induce a state of profound relaxation. At the mental level, Lomi Lomi can help ease the effects of depression or sadness. At the physiological level, the immune system is supported and stabilized. At the spiritual level, Lomi Lomi aids in achieving an intuitive state of awareness. Typical complaints of head, shoulder, arm, hand, knee, leg, foot, or back aches due to injuries or arthritis are relieved with Lomi Lomi. The opu, or abdominal area, is a typical area addressed within the Lomi Lomi session to assist with normalizing the position of the internal organs and support overall immune system functions. Today Lomi Lomi, specifically traditional forms, has proven to be a well-adapted form of integrative heathcare which does not attempt to replace traditional western medicine but rather to augment and work in conjunction with contemporary allopathic care.

Lomi Lomi ‘Ka’

‘Ka’ means to circulate or around way of circulation. This style of Lomi Lomi was developed by the family of Kaipo Kaneakua of Oahu who is a 9th generation kahuna la’au lapa’au (expert of Herbal medicine) from his grandmother side on the island of Molokai and 19th generation Kahuna from his father’s side on Kaua’i. In herbal medicine a mortar and pestle were often used to prepare herbal remedies for healing purposes. When those tools weren’t available, the fingers and hands were used in a similar way to mix, grind and stir. When using this method for Lomi Lomi or manual care, it is called ‘Ka.’ While there are many forms of contemporary Hawaiian Lomi Lomi practiced around the world today, Lomi ‘Ka’ represents an ancient traditional method of manual care that was used primarily for medical purposes. 


There are multiple levels of contraindications. These levels apply to the degree of knowledge and experience of the Lomi Lomi practitioner. A beginner, for example, would be advised to avoid a specific condition, where as an advanced practitioner would be better able to manage the client in the treatment of the same condition. The presence of a lump (ie. Benign tumor), for example, might be reason for avoidance by a beginner but an opportunity for further exploration and understanding by an expert.

Although it is politically correct to simply say that specific conditions (eg. Hemorrhage, tumor, infection, fracture) warrant a policy of avoidance due to contraindications, that would be overly simplistic and not offer due justice to the levels of wisdom and skill of an advanced Lomi Lomi practitioner. Each client is treated on a case-by-case basis, with due diligence being given for local and national standards of care. Whenever appropriate, a referral is provided for the client to consult another health care professional.

Lomi Lomi Fusion™

Ramon Mascarenas, LMT is trained and inspired about Lomi Lomi ‘Ka’. He has developed a style called Lomi Lomi Fusion™. Click here to learn more about Lomi Lomi Fusion.

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