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Success Stories

As a Martial Arts instructor and stuntman my body has always been tested at its limits. I've "intentionally" been hit by cars, fallen from buildings and other insane stunts! There is no way I could continue to perform at my best let alone not have to suffer from the pain of old injuries with out getting my Atlas corrected. Dr. Marshall has helped me feel great and be able to continue to do what I love.

Tommy Primeau

lives in LA, worked in films and television, Get Smart, CSI, Fox network.

I have been playing sports for over 20 years. Around age18 I had my first adjustment with a traditional chiropractor, who used manipulation. The care gave me temporary relief to get me through practice and a game. It was not until I met Dr Dickholtz that an adjustment made a real difference for me. I had learned for the first time that my body had the opportunity to be structurally balanced and in true alignment, allowing my body to truly heal. I feel more fluid, my legs feel energized, I feel like I am in one piece.After 10 years of other chiropractic treatment this is the best I have ever felt!

D'Wayne Bates

NFL Wide Receiver; Played on North Western University Rose Bowl Team, Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings

Since my first meeting Marshall in 1978, he has been profoundly influential in helping to shape my life. I was a chiropractic student attending Palmer College of chiropractic in 1978 and had the good fortune to be adjusted in the student clinic by him. I can still, to this day, remember my first NUCCA adjustment and the profound change that it had on my life. As a result of his expertise and commitment to the upper cervical correction, my life has taken on the path of a NUCCA practitioner and Board Certified Instructor.

Since 1978 I have maintained a special and close friendship along with an ongoing professional relationship with Dr. Marshall Dickholtz Jr.

There is no one that I know who carries a deeper commitment, passion and dedication to caring for patients and their spinal health issues. His work has continually grown in terms of depth and expertise and to this day he remains one of the top NUCCA practitioners in the world.

I have the deepest respect and appreciation for who Dr. Mashall Dickholtz Jr. is as an individual and as a practitioner. I have the utmost confidence in his capabilities and would recommend his care, no matter how complex that individual’s problem might be.

He has the experience, the dedication, sensitivity and compassion to attend to even the most challenging of problems. He is my greatest friend and most respected colleague.

We both continue to practice and teach the NUCCA procedure and are dedicated to making a difference in the world through the correction of the Atlas Subluxation Complex. Dr. Marshall Dickholtz Jr. has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives and is committed to furthering the NUCCA care through his clinic, his teachings and his own personal study.You are in good hands!

Dr. Gordon Hasick D.C. F.P.A.C.

Board Certified NUCCA Instructor,

After over 20 years in the sport of triathlon, I have spent thousands of dollars on all the equiptment I thought would enhance my performance. New bikes and gear, special running shoes, high tech wet suits, and just about every supplement and nutritional tri food out there. It all has helped in one way or another, but the "best bang for my buck", came from investing in my own health care. I knew there had to be something out there to help keep me from injury, from all the over-use, and to help boost my immune system, to keep from being sick. Something without drugs or surgery. Getting adjusted by chiroptactor Dr. Marshall Dickholtz, using an upper cervical adjustment called NUCCA, has kept me "on the road" well into my 50's. Being "balanced" kept me from over-compensating, thus less injuries, and keeping the nerve flow open at all times, has helped my entire nervous system to fight off any illness. No illness, equals less "down time".... equals better finishing times. Tri gear will come and go, but I know staying in allignment is one thing I can depend on, that will keep me on the road at least another 20 years.

Barbara McNeal

8 time Ironman finisher, World Championship Long Course Nice, France,70.3 World Championship Clearwater, Florida

I first encountered the chiropractic world in 1998 due to a colliding incident during a baseball game. Low back and tail bone pain were enough to bring me to tears during my ride home after the injury. I had never been to a chiropractor, and had no history of spine pain or injury to this area of the body prior to the collision. I visited a general D.C. six times within 10 days after the injury. He treated the pain site with adjustments to the pelvis and tail bone regions. My adjustments did not hold and the pain kept coming back. I could not jog, sprint, or bend over without pain, let alone swing a bat.

I was referred to Dr. Marshall Dickholtz from a colleague who had been recently treated by a NUCCA practitioner in California.. I understand the concept of chain reactions, so I was willing to give NUCCA a shot. Multi-dimensional X-rays of my neck, a consultation to discuss the findings, one adjustment by the master, and bingo. I was out of pain and back in action on the ball field two days later with no restrictions. It was like I was given a new body.

The adjustment held and no further adjustments were needed in my follow up appointments. I schedule maintenance visits every 3 months or schedule a visit if I’m in any kind of discomfort from my neck to tail bone.

Working as a movement enhancement specialist , personal trainer, and strength coach, I see a very diverse population of clients. When I come across a client with signs or symptoms of an atlas subluxation, they are immediatelly referred to Dr. Dickholtz. Over the last 10 years, I have referred a dozen or so clients per year. I can honestly say that every one comes back with positive corrections, less pain, and better movement quality.

Mark Cibrario

owner, The Trainers Club Inc.

Voted U.S.A. top 100 trainer,

For over 20 years I had suffered with pain in my head, neck, mid and low back. Having Fibromyalgia and living on pain killers and muscle relaxants I knew there had to be a better answer to my situation. I have been to numerous MD’s and several chiropractors in that time. The spinal care I received helped but it was very temporary. Dr. Dickholtz is the only one who can get my spinal alignment to hold for more than few days. I fly in from New York monthly to get examined or adjusted by him. It is more effective and less expensive than going to New York doctors twice a week. His adjustment make the difference between being a semi – invalid and being able to live a normal life.

Mary Freeman, A happy healthy New Yorker

I could barely walk or stand without extreme pain in my lower back and my right leg. The MRI showed a herniation of the L4-L5 disc. My wedding was just four weeks away and my honeymoon was going to be spent at the hospital having back surgery. I came to Dr.Marshall with only the hope of being able to walk down the isle. He said he would do all he could to help me reach my goal. As it turned out by the time of my wedding I was 100% free of the back pain. Instead of going to the hospital I took my new bride to Hawaii, it was a lovely experience.

After a couple months, even though I was feeling great my orthopedic surgeon insisted that I come in for another MRI. The results of that examination showed that the disc had completely gone back to center and was not herniated any more. We are so grateful that we found out about this care and can't imagine how different my marriage would have been without it. I have referred many of my family and friends to Dr. Marshall. 

David is a corporate executive, with a great family and now has three children.

"Over the years, I have been worked on by umpteen body workers: chiropractors; massage therapists; practitioners of Rolfing and The Feldenkrais Method; acupuncturists; physical therapists; and ultrasound, electrostimulation, and magnetic-induction technicians. Without question, I have gotten value - sometimes even long-lasting and profound benefits - from all of them. But one type of Chiropractic adjustment, which focuses on the spine's uppermost vertebra, stands out as having consistently made a significant difference for me. This 'upper cervical adjustment' has resulted in an immediate and dramatic improvement in my symptoms, and the adjustment holds for a long duration. After undergoing upper cervical adjustments, I have a bit more spring, and a bit more energy." From his book Zinn's Cycling Primer.

Lennard Zinn of Zinn Cycles is well known in the cycling world, giving practical advice and sound solutions. He is also the author of Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance, Zinn's Cycling Primer, Zinn and the Art of Triathlon Bikes, and senior technical editor of VeloNews

I found Dr. Dickholtz purely by luck or fate in a desperate search for a Chiropractor. I was over weight, and in a tremendous amount of Back pain that took every ounce of energy I had to get through the day. Dr. Dickholtz explained how a subluxated vertebra in my neck caused the misalignment of my spine, and that was the root cause of all my pain, and how it was ultimately affecting my health. I remember after my first spinal correction how good I felt, and how easily I could turn my head... I never realized how stiff my neck actually was prior to that time. That alone was amazing. I continued with his unique and gentle form of Chiropractic care because I knew I found something very special. So with time, and patience, my body accepted its new position, my health started to improve, the pain gradually went away, and my energy soared, and that played a huge part in allowing me to live a healthier life style. At age 47 I made up my mind to lose the weight. I started exercising, and went on long brisk walks along with a healthy diet, and without diet pill, powders, or potions I was able to lose 102 lbs in 16 months. I have tried several diets and exercise over the years but failed because of pain, lack of energy, and motivation. I am now 53 years old and I'm the healthiest I have been in 25 years

Dr. Dickholtz I can't thank you enough for all the great care you have given me. I am truly forever grateful.

Sharen Gioia

I would like to thank you for helping me to recover from a long period of increasing pain levels. For already 20 years I suffered from TMJ problems, starting with numbness on the right side of my face. Over the course of time the sensitivity to cold increased and pain started first locally at the joints of the jaw and in the neck, later on I got overall headaches. I started wearing an appliance against bruxism, taking medication regularly and having massage and chiropractor treatments with increasing frequency. The pain level increased especially around the joints. I started to avoid cold, wind and air-conditioning. Regular sleep also became important to avoid further tension of the muscles around neck and TMJ. My orthodontist recommended a NUCCA treatment which I started with Dr. Dickholtz 5 months ago. With the orthodontic appliance and the NUCCA treatment there is a tremendous improvement. The symptoms described above are much less severe. I feel I am on the right track, my head and neck are relaxed and I have a clearer mind but I believe for a recovery after 20 years I need more than 5 or 12 months of treatment. Now I am leaving the US and I hope that I can find in Europe doctors who are able to continue the treatment. I already talked to several people in Europe about NUCCA but there are very few doctors in this specialized area.

Peter Muelder, Business consultant, Frankfurt Germany

Being an active senior masters basketball, softball and baseball player at the national international level, I have lived with a lower back problem since grade school. Trying to resolve my problem, I have been to a variety of chiropractors, from "bone crushers" to "light touchers", for over 60 years. While I did get some temporary relief, there was nothing lasting. Fortunately, I believe I now have the solution to my lower back problem -- Dr. Marshall Dickholtz, Jr. and N.U.C.CA. My back feels great and I move much better without pain. When playing second base in a recent men's baseball game, my teammates said "you look and play like a 24 year old." What a compliment for a 68 year old! 

Gerry Balco, Gold Medal Team Senior Olympics, Baseball, Winnetka, Illinois

At age 8 Christopher was diagnosed with the disabling condition, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. It became painful and difficult for him to walk or participate in any activities. The medications he was on did not change his condition and were not very effective in reducing his pain.

After four years of constant suffering we were referred to Dr. Dickholtz. He said Chris's spine was out of alignment and that could be influencing his condition.

After only one week since the spinal correction Chris's blood test showed his Sedimentation Rate (the key factor in his arthritis) was at normal. This was the first time in four years! Immediately Chris started feeling and walking better, in a short time he started running. His recovery was a miracle. Chris went to run track in high school and has not had any sign of his condition since. My self and our whole family have now been under Dr. Dickholtz's care.

Mrs. Catherine Ford, Grateful Mother of three healthy children

“I’d had help from other chiropractors before but it was only temporary. My health has improved so much with Dr. Marshall. My body learned what “right” is, like my neck had been “oiled”. What’s more, in 13 years of NUCCA care, my x-rays have shown no significant effects of aging.” 

Jo. A. is a mother, business owner and Chicago based model and actress.

The stories of Peter Muelder, Gerry Balco and Catherine Ford are true and accurate writen by the patient however their names and images have been changed for privacy reasons.

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